Hire great CRO people v2

1. Do not solely rely on advertising on job sites to attract candidates: attend events and network with possible candidates too.

Good CRO specialists are already employed and may not be actively looking to move. It is tough to find good CRO specialists, so you will have to get creative. Use LinkedIn to directly approach possible candidates, but also attending CRO conferences and meetups can prove invaluable too. When advertising, favor CRO sites rather than job listing sites.

2. Focus on evidence of results rather than specific skills, qualifications, or experience from applicants. You need to know an applicant can deliver.

Just because somebody has a lot of years working in the field does not mean that they are good at their job or deliver results.

3. Short-list candidates who demonstrate a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative experience.

You cannot rely on either quantitative or qualitative methods to see the best improvements in conversion. By combining them, you see better results, and that is why good candidates will have a mixture of these two skills.

4. Assess candidates on their softer skills as well as their ability to deliver.

For example, a good CRO specialist should be empathetic as well as analytical.

5. Look for applicants who demonstrate a broad range of interests and skills.

A good CRO specialist will demonstrate a good understanding of development, copywriting, and design.

6. Because CRO specialists are in high demand, ensure your job advertisement sells the job to potential candidates, rather than only listing requirements.

Most job descriptions are designed to help narrow down the number of applications they get. That makes sense when there is a danger of being deluged with CVs. However, because CRO specialists are hard to find, your job description should actively encourage as many people as possible to apply.

7. Be flexible over geography and working hours to considerably increase your pool of quality applicants. A CRO specialist does not need to work from your office to do their job.

Don’t favor hiring a less-qualified candidate simply because they can commute into the office. It should be the best possible person to do the job, and not where they live, unless that creates issues in hiring them.