Help customers rationalize post-purchase

1. Conduct customer surveys and ask questions about why they buy, to identify the area of remorse.

What are you using the product for? What made them buy our product? What questions did you have, but couldn’t find answers to on the website?

2. Look for information in your survey responses that indicates their purchasing motives and reasons.

3. Create a segment in your email marketing software and add a condition of users that made a purchase.

4. Create a new campaign targeting the segment created earlier and send reassurance emails after users make a purchase, based on the actionable insights you found earlier.

For example, include the products they purchased, confirmation of their order, and the amount of time they should expect to wait before receiving shipping details.

5. Congratulate clients on their purchase by sending an email or directing them to a thank you page after they finalize an order.

Use words like Congratulations and frame the text to be about the customer, not the business. Joyfully structure your texts to reinforce the customer made a smart purchase.

6. To boost the feeling of closure that a customer has after buying an item, send them a follow-up Review this item email immediately after they purchase, and include a photo of the item and a direct link to the review page for it.

You could also include options to recommend the item to a friend or share it on their social media account.