Get more FB Messenger subscribers

1. Use a Messenger tool like ManyChat, to implement a chatbot and a customer loyalty program.

A chatbot can: Ask for the email address of customers joining the rewards program and grant free points for signing up. Send a special Messenger link with an embedded order number when they make a purchase. Thank them for their order. Update them on their total points, and invite them to view the prizes they can redeem. Let customers with enough points click on the reward to get a coupon code and instructions to redeem a free prize. Don’t offer free shipping for prizes to encourage customers to shop for other items. Email loyalty program members every 28 days to remind them how many points they need to get free stuff. Send promotional messages such as coupon codes or sales after a user interacts with them. Promotional messages are free within the first 24 hours after a user interacts with your Messenger bot.

2. Add a live chat widget to your website with dedicated buttons supporting frequent queries.

These buttons can subscribe users to your Messenger bot when clicked. For example, Get Delivery Time could direct to the shipping times page, Check On An Order could prompt the email address, and then a bot would automatically check on their order status. Chat now box.

3. Use a Facebook ad promoting a giveaway contest to let customers subscribe to your Messenger bot for a discount coupon.

Give a coupon code to shop in your store, to users that opt-in. Winners should be picked before 24 hours to obey Facebook’s guidelines for free promotional messages. Winners shall be given instructions to redeem their prize automatically from your website. If you use ManyChat, you can import this Messenger giveaway flow and start using it right away. Target customers who have not placed an order in the last 60 days.

4. Run Facebook ads with the comment growth tool to build your subscriber list and generate sales at the same time.

With a tiny modification to an existing Facebook ad, you can gather Messenger subscribers whenever someone leaves a comment on your ad. You can use ManyChat’s Comment growth tool or similar solutions. When users comment, they will be taken to Facebook Messenger and be prompted to type a word to subscribe and redeem their coupon.

5. Create genuine and helpful Facebook Live videos where you can give out special offers or access to more information to encourage viewers to leave comments.

Customers leaving a comment will be able to opt in to your chatbot. Make sure that you avoid explicitly telling people to comment in the post copy, because Facebook may lower the reach of your video.

6. Offer customers to opt in to your chatbot in exchange for a free, undisclosed gift on Add to Cart.

Instead of revealing the gift upfront, be mysterious, but not misleading. Instant rewards are also an effective way to get customers to opt into your subscriber list. 

7. Use a spin-to-win pop up to let users opt in to your Messenger bot and redeem prizes.

Don’t include losing spots on the wheel. Offer the chance to spin the wheel of fortune for valuable prizes in exchange for their email address.

8. Set your chatbot to send automated messages such as reminders, confirmations, responses to f.a.q. to customers

It can be set to send one automated message to customers four hours after checkout started if they did not complete the sale. Include the exact items in the customer’s cart, along with a button that takes them immediately to checkout with their cart prepopulated and ready to go. It can be set to send a reminder several hours after a customer looked at a product without adding it to their cart. Display a photo of the exact product they browsed and include a Shop Now button to add the item to their cart. It can be set to send a confirmation message when customers complete a purchase. This will train them to expect further correspondence via Facebook Messenger. You can also use these messages to encourage a repeat purchase with cross-sells depending on what they bought. It can be set to send pre-written response sequences to frequently asked questions using keyword automation. For example, Do you offer discounts? Do you sell wholesale? Do you ship internationally? Users should be able to opt to chat with a member of the customer support team.