Get management buy-in for CRO v2

1. Focus on the shortfalls in the current conversion experience using analytics data, session recordings, and usability test results to highlight issues.

Run and record usability test sessions, then take the worst issues and edit them into a short 3-minute video to show management. Use analytics to demonstrate that these issues are occurring at scale to large numbers of users.

2. Put your organization's performance within its broader context by carrying out a competitor analysis. Emphasize points where the competition outperforms your organization.

Consider a heuristic review of competitors with a focus on factors that impact conversion. Typically, this includes engagement, usability, and conversion pain points. In addition, you can rank factors on a scale of 1 to 5 to provide a tangible score on how each competitor rates alongside your website.

3. Target management individually rather than collectively, so you can frame CRO around their specific role.

For example, when talking to a marketing manager, talk about lead generation opportunities, and when talking to the CFO, talk about the financial benefits.

4. Start by focusing your efforts on winning over one senior-level executive, then encourage that person to become a sponsor for CRO activities.

Getting access to senior management can be challenging. By winning over one senior-level executive, that person can be your representative and evangelist for CRO with the rest of the team.

5. Use the language of management and talk about financial and market gains - return on investment, cost savings, and improvements in market share - rather than user experience or websites.

Many senior executive teams don’t understand digital and regularly underestimate its importance. As a result, you need to frame the discussion in terms they do understand and appreciate.

6. Begin with a small CRO project that provides evidence of possible returns. Then track return on investment to demonstrate the value this project provided.

7. Present a clear process that you can use to deliver predictable returns in CRO. This will give management the confidence to invest in CRO.

Talk about a cycle of monitoring the funnel, identifying issues, testing solutions, and launching.