Gather ideas for marketing events

1. Research the types of events your audience typically attends, like trade shows for business buyers or festivals for local consumers.

2. Set specific goals for your event that align with your larger marketing goals.

3. Set a budget for your event to zero in on the type of event you can host or attend.

4. Ask your sales team about event types and ideas they believe would accelerate sales and improve conversions.

5. Ask your customer success team about event types and ideas that may increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

6. Analyze existing marketing content to see if any specific topic was successful enough to be expanded into a marketing event.

7. Work with your local chamber of commerce on event opportunities relevant to your brand.

8. Survey your audience about potential new ideas for events at existing events you host or participate in.

9. Talk to current brand partners about ideas for co-hosting an event targeted to the same audience.