Gain more customer accounts from checkout

1. Add a Checkout as a Guest button to shopping carts to give buyers the option to check out without creating an account.

This feature is built-in to most ecommerce platforms, but ask your web developer if you’re not confident enough to implement it or are having trouble.

2. Add an optional registration button to your thank-you page.

Customers care more about their purchase than they do about creating an account, so leave account registration until after they’ve completed their purchase. Alternatively, offer customers the option to create an account by including a call to action in the order confirmation and delivery confirmation emails.

3. Use information customers already provided to allow them to create an account in 1-2 clicks.

Don’t ask customers to provide their name, email address, and shipping address if they already filled in the fields during their purchase. Simply ask them to create a password and give you permission to create an account.

4. Give customers the option to request a temporary password by an email, so they can use to create their account.

Reach out to your web developer to implement this feature.

5. Display clear password instructions when customers create their password.

Showing simple instructions, like Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one upper case letter, number, and special character, makes the account creation process much simpler and lowers the chances of customers giving up when creating an account. Display these validation messages in real time.

6. Offer clients a discount for their next purchase if they create an account to gain customer accounts and increase the chances of repeat sales.