Fix the most common copywriting mistakes

1. Hire a professional copywriter who will interview your customers, test your product, survey your visitors, and talk to your team.

Alternatively, invest time, like 4-5 full days, and funds to learn how to write your own copy by studying books and blogs, taking a course, and learning how to write and edit.

2. Analyze your conversion funnel to determine where copy is most critical to your users.

For example, write your email copy before you draft your site’s copy to focus on converting free trial signups to a paid plan.

3. Interview your current customers to find the biggest benefit they’ve received from your product and focus your copy on these benefits, not on the features.

Back up all quality statements and trust requests with solid proof.

4. Survey and interview your customers to understand their intent and motivation level.

In your qualitative research, ask open-ended questions such as, What was going on in your life that compelled you to come looking for a solution like ours? Also interview your sales and customer service representatives to better understand common issues and questions.

5. Develop a style guide to help you write, using your customer’s voice, word, and language choice.

For example, the brand Innocent Drinks uses copy that includes phrases pulled from qualitative research, such as, finest fruit, weird like colorings, and never, ever to sound like a customer, not like a smoothie company.

6. Create a wireframe based on your qualitative research and let your copy lead your design.

Remember technical aspects like legibility and readability. For example, dark text on a light background, large font, and short, simple sentences for scannability.

7. Write copy that appeals to both logic and emotion.

For example, showing that your product is sold at the best price (logic) and that your product evokes nostalgia (emotion).

8. Test your copy with a sample audience to gauge if the user response fulfills your original goal.