Filter for relevancy in

1. Add a Row Filter step to remove less relevant content using specific words in the title and description with either inclusive or exclusive filters.

Use Inclusive – Row Filter to keep articles that contain “X” OR “Y” OR “Z” (keep this as long as they have at least one of these words) Use Exclusive – Row Filter to keep articles that do not contain “A” AND “B” AND “C” (remove all articles that contain any of these words). For example: Title “does not contain” assistant AND intern (Remove assistants and interns); Domain “does not contain” .edu AND .gov (Remove .edu and .gov); Title “contains” CEO OR Chief Executive (Keep CEOs). Alternatively, use Filter by Zapier if using Zapier instead of Parabola. Use Zapier for sharing one piece of information between apps, such as when someone submits a form, you verify their email, filter to make sure it’s a good email, and send the results to your CRM. Use if you’re working with entire spreadsheets, such as verifying bulk emails and removing bad emails thousands at a time.

2. Use a Find and Replace step in to clean column data.

Remove: Days of the week from the title. Numbers 1-10 from the title. Months and the year from the title. Things like “Dr.” “MD.” and “Mr.” from name fields. Suffixes like “LLC,” “Corp” and “LTD” from company names. Random commas and periods from names and companies.

3. Use a Text Casing step to make set names and companies to title case for clarity.

For example, turns PATRICK into Patrick.