Create IGTV ads for Instagram

1. Navigate to Facebook Ads Manager and click +Create.

2. Select the objective for your ad, such as Brand Awareness, Traffic, or Engagement.

3. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish creating your ad, fill in details for your campaign, budget and schedule, audience and optimization, and delivery.

4. Select automatic or manual placements, and make sure that you include one or more Instagram placements if you select the manual option, such as feed, stories, explore, in-stream video, Reels or shop.

5. Find your Instagram video or Reels URL that you want to promote by going to on your computer's website browser and clicking the video/reels tab.

6. Copy and paste the specific Instagram video or reels URL in the Website URL box.

7. Check the box next to add a website URL if you have selected the brand awareness, reach, or video views objective.

8. Select a call to action and finish creating your ad.