Create email body copy that converts

1. Define your primary objectives for the email.

Do you want people to purchase a product? Are you trying to raise awareness for a new service? This will inform your decision making throughout the process.

2. Write an intriguing subject line of less than 50 characters to encourage readers to open the email.

Consider asking a question that will make the recipient curious, like, Do you want peace of mind on X? Include your brand name if appropriate.

3. Let your readers know they're in the right place by directly referencing them and their experiences in the first paragraph of the body.

For example, As a marketing manager, you know how hard it is to manage multiple projects…

4. Describe common problems your readers face and you'll solve to generate trust.

The more accurate you can be in describing their experience, the more they will trust you. For example, It’s that time of year when the budget is being squeezed, and you’ve still got a million-and-one things to do…

5. Describe your solution, focusing on the benefits it can provide, not the features.

Good example: Our project management software will slash your costs and increase your team’s efficiency by streamlining the decision-making process. Bad example: Our project management software has 1,400 configurations for every business type and is capable of managing teams of up to 300 people.

6. Describe how difficult the development of the product or service was to establish understanding, trust, and sympathy with your audience.

For example, It has taken our software team three years and countless failures to put together a system that works flawlessly. Emphasize the cost of development, if applicable, and be honest about the challenges and failures.

7. Reveal the offer you're making and if there's a discount, include it in the body of the email.

For example, Our project management software normally costs $89/month. Not a bad price when it could save you literally thousands in costs, right? Even better: today we’re offering 10% off the monthly fee for one whole year.

8. Tell your audience about any scarcity in pricing or supply.

For example, We can’t do this forever, so we’re setting a limit of 48 hours. If there is no genuine scarcity and it can’t be created, do not create it artificially as this will damage your credibility to the reader.

9. Finish the email with a call to action that asks the reader to take a step or series of steps that you want.

For example, Click the link now to get access to special offer now. Remind them of the benefits and the scarcity: So, if you want to save yourself from project headaches, thousands of wasted dollars in dropped contracts, all the while experiencing seamless project management – click the link below to access our offer. Remember, in 48 hours it will be gone.