Create a strong Twitter profile

1. Create your Twitter handle (the name that appears after ‘@’ symbol) using your brand name, full name or something that denotes what you do.

For example, if you were a digital marketer named Sam, you could use @digitalSam as your handle.

2. Use your logo or an image that visually represents your brand as your profile picture.

If your brand is strongly reliant on your personality, this might be a headshot of you.

3. Use a tool like Snappa to create a header image that showcases your skills, products or services.

Change this image frequently to reflect new developments and upcoming events.

4. Add your location to the Location section of your profile so that local customers can find you more easily.

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5. Use tools like Semrush to find top keywords for search queries in your industry and use these keywords in a 160-character Twitter bio.

Give your target audience a reason to follow you by highlighting the value they’ll get from your Tweets. For example, a copywriter might include, “Follow me for top tips on hiring the best copywriters.” Include awards, current or past employers, and website links.   Image credit

6. Use the TweetDeck tool or advanced Twitter Search options to search Tweets in your business arena - respond to them to find your initial followers.

You can look for questions that people have asked about a topic by typing in a search phrase followed by a space and a question mark. For example, best burgers Sydney ? You can look for emotional responses by following your search phrase with a space and then a or (for happy or sad faces). For example, best burger Sydney

7. Post, like, and join Twitter conversations with your target audience daily to win followers.

Build your brand’s personality by engaging with the public in your brand voice.

8. Participate in Twitter chats related to your industry, where chat organizers can highlight your likes, comments, and retweets, to further cement your brand personality.

9. Post and interact regularly to keep your account active.