Create a Responsive Display Ad

1. Navigate to your Display Campaign and select or create an Ad Group. Select Ads and click the blue + icon to create an ad, then select + Responsive display ad.

2. Enter your landing page URL and click the + Images and Logos button.

3. Upload or select up to 15 high-quality images and 5 logos.

You can scan your website, upload images, use stock images, or select recently used assets.

4. Use the built-in crop tool to position, crop, and format your images, and click Save.

Images must be high resolution, but don’t need to have specific aspect ratios when uploaded. Each image can be cropped for landscape, square or both. Images can either be 1.91:1 (landscape) or 1:1 (square), while logos can be 4:1 (landscape) or 1:1 (square).

5. If you want to add YouTube videos to your responsive display ad, click +Videos and enter the public or unlisted YouTube URLs.

6. Add up to 5 30-character headlines, a single 90-character long headline, and up to 5 90-character long descriptions for each responsive display ad.

Click the + to add additional variants. Any headline can be used with any description, so make sure they all make sense as “mix and match” phrases. Preview the combinations using the preview tool on the right. The Long Headline often replaces the traditional headline + description format, so consider using messages from both.

7. Enter your business name and any optional additional formatting preferences, tracking templates, and mobile URLs.

8. Click More Options to select your CTA text and custom colors and click Save.

If you don’t select Call To Action text, Google Ads can use any available CTA phrase, even if it’s not relevant to your ad.