Create a new Facebook campaign

1. Log in to Facebook Ads Manager and click the +Create option to create a campaign.

2. Choose any one campaign objective such as brand awareness, traffic, conversion, or lead generation, and set a name and daily budget.

Your daily budget is the amount to be spent on ads per day. When done, click next.

3. Create multiple ad sets by selecting demographics, audience, age, placements, and interests relevant to specific services or products.

For example, if you sell wine, then use the Interests section under Detailed Targeting and add wine. This will ensure your ad is delivered to Facebook users who have indicated an interest in wine.

4. For each ad set, create at least 3 different ads.

Upload media such as an image or video for your ad. Input your Primary Text. Click Add a website URL and add the link that you would like the user to go to. Then add a Headline and Link Description. For example: Primary Text: Pre-order your scotch, bourbon, and wine of choice in time for the celebration. Shop Now -> Headline: Use code wine20 to get $20 OFF. Description: Free shipping & Afterpay available.

5. Choose a call to action that best depicts what a viewer would do when they click on your ad.

For example, Sign Up for registering or signing up, or Shop Now for purchasing a product.

6. Keep your campaign paused by using the toggle in the top right corner, and click on Publish in the bottom right corner.

Make sure to pause the campaign until the client gives the approval to run ads.

7. Send a preview of your ad to the client. If approved, make your campaign active by using the toggle.

Go to the Ads Manager and select Ads. Click to check the box next to the ad you want to preview. Select Preview from the action bar above the main table. You can screenshot the ad, or click the new window icon next to Ad Preview and then click Share a Link. Copy the link and send to the client.