Create a back in stock flow

1. Open your email marketing platform and go to the Flow or Automation tab.

Create a new flow or series. Select the Back in Stock flow from the pre-built flows provided by your email marketing platform. Select this option as your trigger. See your email marketing platform’s documentation the back in stock flow. Not all platforms support this feature. If your platform doesn’t, contact your webmaster or developer to create the functionality onsite.

2. Drag or insert an email template block into your flow, with the already created trigger.

Drag or insert a blank template, so you can build the email from scratch, or use one of your platform’s pre-built email templates.

3. Create an engaging subject line that informs a user that a product they want is back in stock.

Personalize the subject line with a user’s first name and the product that is back in stock. This will increase open rates. Examples of effective back in stock subject lines: It’s Back in Stock, [FIRSTNAME]! [Product Name] Limited Stock, Hurry! Good News, [FIRSTNAME]! [Product Name] is back. [Product Name] IS BACK! Be quick, [FIRSTNAME] – limited stock levels. You’re in luck, [FIRSTNAME]. [Product Name] is available again! Still looking for [Product Name]?

4. Create a headline in the email body that tells the users their product is available again, and creates urgency.


5. Below the headline, insert your back in stock dynamic product content block.

This will pull through the product image and information. Center this dynamic content block to maintain your formatting. Refer to your email platform’s documentation to find out more about dynamic content. If you’ve used a pre-built back in stock-flow, this dynamic content block will often already be inserted into the email template

6. Create a compelling CTA in the form of a button, that creates urgency.

Give your users a compelling reason to click and buy now. For example, BUY NOW LAST 5 LEFT. Other good CTA examples: DON’T MISS OUT A SECOND TIME BUY NOW BUY NOW BEFORE WE SELL OUT AGAIN VERY LIMITED STOCK BUY NOW

7. Save your email template and send yourself a test, to double check for mistakes.

Double check that your dynamic tags, first name and product name, are working correctly and are grammatically correct in the context of the sentence.

8. Set your flow to live, once you are happy with how it looks.