Create a B2B strategy for Instagram

1. Create a business account on Instagram and fill out your profile using keywords that relate to your industry.

2. Build the page by posting industry-specific stories, humor, motivational quotes, or narrating your company’s story and people.

Align your content with your brand voice – for example, if your brand voice is light and relaxed, avoid authoritative content. Choose content that entertains or educates the audience over direct sales pitches. example of instagram feed focused on brand. Image credit igtv with a behind-the-scenes focus on employees. Image credit

3. Create posts that use bold colors, contrasting color combinations, and bright pictures with white spaces in between. If you do not have an in-house graphics team, use stock photos from sites like Depositphotos or Getty Images. Monthly subscriptions are often more cost-effective than buying individual images. Keep a consistent tone and color palette between posts.

4. Use geotags to attract local businesses, and hashtags to attract people interested in topics around your products.

If your imagery does not already have geotagged information, a free service like GeoTag Photos Online lets you add them.

5. Collaborate with social media influencers to boost your profile.

6. Offer referral bonuses and exclusive deals to Instagram followers to convert prospective customers into followers and customers into brand advocates.

7. Share testimonials and product reviews, adding attractive visual elements, to persuade prospective buyers.

Image credit

8. Use quotations and content snippets to highlight your expertise and build interest.

9. Share short videos or images explaining your products or services or how they can help your customers.

For example, create a demo video for a newly launched product and encourage viewers to make use of a promo offer. example of a short product demo within an instagram post. Image credit  Redirect viewers to your product page after they finish watching the video.