Combine data enrichment with outreach

1. Sign up for a free Parvenu account and install the Chrome extension to pull contact data from LinkedIn.

This allows you to make a LinkedIn search, push a button and get names, companies, titles, LinkedIn URLs, emails, and locations for everybody in the search.

2. Configure webhooks in Parvenu to send new contact data to Webhooks by Zapier.

In Zapier search for Webhooks by Zapier as the trigger and choose Catch a Hook. This will provide a webhook URL. In the API / Webhooks section of Parvenu, create two webhooks with the same URL. The first webhook sends contact data to Zapier when a new contact is found on LinkedIn without an email. The second webhook sends contact data to Zapier when a new contact is found on LinkedIn with an email. Create test data in Zapier by making a search on LinkedIn and using the Chrome extension to extract contact data.

3. Add Filter by Zapier as the second step in the zap and configure it to remove less useful titles, companies, or domains.

For example: Company does not contain recruit AND consult Title does not contain assistant AND consult Domain does not contain .edu AND .gov Optionally, add a second filter step to apply stronger filters: Filter 1: Title contains “CEO” or “Chief Executive Officer” Filter 2: Title does not contain “assistant” This will keep people who have CEO in their title, but disqualify “Assistant to the CEO.”

4. Set up LinkedIn outreach via Google Sheets and Phantombuster.

Create a Google Sheet with a column for a person’s LinkedIn URL and a column for the message you want to send in the connection request. Register for a Phantombuster account and select the LinkedIn Network Booster automation. Make your Google Sheet shareable and editable by everyone. Paste the URL of the Sheet into Phantombuster’s Network Booster. Map your LinkedIn URL column and Message column from Google Sheet to the Network Booster by the column names. Add your session cookie to Phantombuster, so it can send connection requests on your behalf. Configure your scheduling in Phantom Buster so that it runs in the background. As new LinkedIn URLs are added to the Sheet, it will automatically reach out and send them a connection request. Optionally, consider adding a proxy to Phantombuster to avoid detection by LinkedIn.

5. Choose Create a new row in Google Sheets as your next step in Zapier.

Map your LinkedIn URL from Parvenu to the LinkedIn URL column in Sheets. Write a message in Zapier to send to the Message column of Sheets. You can use text replacements in your message. For example: “Hi #firstName#, this is Patrick with Parvenu. It looks like you’re doing really impactful work at #Company#. Let’s connect!”

6. Verify the email in Zapier and filter invalid/unknown results.

Make the next step of the Zap an email verification service. Truemail and Neverbounce are good examples of email verification services with Zapier integrations. Add another Filter step to keep emails that are valid or accept all/unverifiable and remove any email statuses that are invalid, unknown, or syntax errors.

7. Send contacts that have a valid or accept all/unverifiable email to an email sequence.

Examples of email sequencing software include Lemlist, Mailshake, and Quick mail. These are built for cold email and allow you to automate follow-up cadences. Do not use email marketing software such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign. These are for visual, opt-in emails and newsletters, not cold sales sequences. For best results, write 4-5 emails per sequence with at least 3 days between follow-ups. Turn your Zap on.

8. Extract contact data, including emails, from a LinkedIn search in one click using Parvenu.

Make a LinkedIn or Sales Navigator Search for people with your target company, title, industry, geography, company size, or seniority level. New contacts will be sent to Zapier to be filtered for relevancy, have their emails verified, sent to Google Sheets so that Phantombuster can send them automated connection requests, and sent to an email sequence platform. Simply repeat the step to add additional contacts to your email or LinkedIn sequences.