Check your YouTube analytics

1. Go to Channel Analytics/Engagement > Top Videos and click on See More to check the metric Views to see the total views of your videos and which videos are most popular.

Adjust the time range to understand the short and long-term trends. Use this data to come up with new content ideas.

2. In the same Engagement report check the Impressions click-through rate metric and identify the thumbnails with the highest and the lowest click-through-rate.

Look at the best-performing thumbnails and use it as an inspiration for other thumbnails.

3. Check what share of users still watch your videos at 0:30 in the key moments in audience retention section.

You can click on Channel Analytics > Engagement and look at the graph under the video to understand which parts of the video generate the user dropouts. Use this data to understand the most engaging content and the optimal video length.

4. Under Channel Analytics > Reach check the Traffic source type graph to learn where your video viewers come from.

Use the date range selector to compare different time periods and understand short and long-term trends. For example, check the performance in the last 7 days, 30 days and 365 days.

5. In the Reach report scroll down to Traffic Source: External to see the websites that embed links to your videos and identify the websites that generate a lot of views.

Consider scaling your partnership with these websites or identify similar websites.

6. Scroll down to Traffic source: YouTube search to view search queries that bring users to your videos.

Use the data to come up with new content ideas.

7. Identify videos with the highest number of likes & use this data to come up with new content ideas and inform decisions.

Under Channel Analytics > Engagement > Top videos click on See more. Click on the Watch time (hours) by video drop down and then go to More metrics > Likes vs dislikes. Analyze the videos with a high number of likes. Think about similar videos that you can create, user comments are frequently a good source of inspiration. Find out which videos have the lowest like and dislike ratio, and read the comments under the video to better understand the users’ sentiments.

8. Select the following metrics from the dropdown menu in Top videos section: Subscriptions gained, Shares, Comments added.

Use this data to identify videos that contribute to the growth of your channel or engage users in discussions. Analyze the videos with a high number of gained subscriptions and comments; think about similar videos that you can create. Again, you can refer to user comments for specific content ideas.

9. Under Channel analytics click on Audience/Age & Gender/Country reports to check if your content appeals to your established target audience.

Consider tweaking your strategy if the audience report indicates that you don’t reach the desired target group. For example if your intention is to reach the users aged 18-24 but the Age & gender report indicates that you don’t reach this group, you can create additional content tailored to this group or target this age group specifically via YouTube Ads.