Blend data in Google Data Studio

1. Create a new document and write a hypothesis of what you want to discover through data comparison in Google Data Studio.

2. Export the data sources you want to compare as spreadsheets or CSV files and download them.

Make sure the data sources have at least one field in common to use as a join key. You can find sample data online.

3. Open Google Sheets, create a new blank spreadsheet, and import the spreadsheet or CSV file.

4. In Google Data Studio, click on Blank Report to create a new report.

5. Click on Add Data and connect to your spreadsheet.

6. Click on Resources > Manage Blend Data > Add A Data View to customize the data you want to blend.

7. In the Data Source panel, select the data sets - including your new data set - that you want to blend.

8. Click on Join Keys in the first row of the data set and search for a unique key that is similar across both data sets.

For example, Website URL or User ID.

9. Select dimensions and metrics in the Data panel to configure the relationship between your metrics.

Name your new blended data set and click on Save.

10. Click on Add a Chart and select the type of chart you want to use to illustrate your data.