Add links to your email body

1. If you are linking text, highlight the word or sentence you want to link to an external source.

Once highlighted click the hyperlink button in your editor. The icon often looks like a link in a chain.

2. In the hyperlink options, set your link type to either URL if you are linking to a webpage, or Email if you are creating an Email us or Contact us link.

You may see other link types options like anchor text, linking to a specific part of a webpage, but for the most part, you will only use URL or Email links.

3. Paste the URL or email address you are linking to into the URL box.

Make sure the address is correct. If you paste a broken link into your email, not only will it not link correctly, but your email may get flagged as spam.

4. Tick the Open in new window box in your link settings. If you cannot see it, click on Advanced options.

This will open the link in a new window, which is best practice in case your contact wishes to refer back to the email.

5. Go into link settings or options, and set your Text-decoration option to Underline.

This will underline your link and make it clear to the user that it is clickable. Save your link settings. You can also change the link color in this section. The default color for most hyperlinks is blue, but change the color to suit your branding if needed.