We strongly believe that every web site, has a story. Our web site, is something like Big Bang Theory love between Leonard & Penny. 7 seasons until they understand the love between them and get married. After a lot of time we have managed to bring our web site live. It took more than it should ( yes, 4 years ) a lot of changes and so many revisions that I can not even remember nowadays.

But, why?

Because even if we have been growing a lot by doing client and personal projects, even if our income was steady, we focused on bringing more and more work, rather than creating A business and A brand.
We did what we say our clients not to do.
Do not get me wrong, we love our jobs and what we are able to do daily for our amazing clients. But we did it with the wrong way. I will not write more on that because after some time of resting and re-organizing, I think we are now positioned correctly. And that is a more interesting story to speak about.

New Web Site

Our first drafts where focused on creating a big web site, with multiple pages and a lot of content. And I do mean it – a LOT of content. While we made them, and in 4 years many times, it was not what we wanted to showcase and it was not representing our vision. That is the reason why we have focused now on a Single Page Design, which we think represents what we want to say.

Services as Products

The re-organizing was also a chance to focus on how to change our services into products. A more clear definition and a better direction which resulted much more conversions. How we know? We have already been running under the hood some tests and we already have a client list that trust our expertise. Some examples of services that we work on are: WordPress Maintenance while most of the companies provide simple packages, here we took the extra step to provide the best case scenario for our users. I am responsible for all the communication with clients, from the biggest to the smallest. Why? Because I am here to build a brand that will last and make sure that all the clients will be satisfied 100%. Based on that, we are the only company that is taking the communication level a step forward. I have integrated to our workflows and inside our custom platform two amazing tools. Meistertask which handles the tasks work & Slack. Real Time communication through Desktop or Mobile at – ANY time. Because a simple email is not enough. WordPress Tasks we have decided to pass a strong message on what we offer and oh… well, to tell the truth. We are the people who others hire, add high fees together with fancy work and then sell our work as theirs, with high fees. Time for that to change. We have positioned a price that we think is fair and we decided that this will be a ” One Price Point ” and not a price that depends on task. You have something Big or Something small, you only pay 39$. That is why our clients pay, before we review their request. We are working on more awesome stuff like Speed Optimization, Security & Malware Remove for WordPress, UI / UX Consultant, Mobile Application Design and well.. optin to our newsletter so you can learn for all of them and of-course to get a discount!

Feature Plans

From now on, we do aim to give out information, resources and quality new products to our clients but also continue expand what we have created. There are many automation and processes that differentiate us from the market on the way we do handle our communication and deliver results. We want to build strategic partnerships’ but those are not build in a day. Our next step is to enhance more our Client Dashboard with new features that can help you understand and communicate better what is happening behind each step of the process and the tasks that go on.
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