Yelp for local/small businesses

If your company is a smaller more local business, when you take it upon yourself to invest in advertising, Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, and Bing, it is likely that your ROI won’t be satisfying. For this type of business, the best you can do is to be on Yelp and that people are able to find detail information about your brand on this platform. This will work wonders because Yelp ads are not based on keywords but on category, geography, and distance, they also don’t do targeting but will show your company to whoever is nearby you, the prices are really affordable since they are based on the competition and relevance, Yelp’s SEO is near to flawless and their search results of your industry are likely higher than on your own website, keep in mind you won’t get that much direct traffic to your site, but through Yelp people are less likely to bounce, and last but not least don’t sign a full year contract with Yelp until you’ve tried it for a few months, start by paying for clicks and then escalate from there. This article will give you more information about this hack.