How LadBaby started a movement

Three years ago Mark and Rox Hoyle were sausage rol-loving parents who’d never written a song before.

Last week they beat Mariah Carey to win their third consecutive UK Christmas No.1.

Their story is a blueprint in how to start a movement.

1/ Start with story

Every movement needs a story. And Mark and Rox’s is no different.

It turns them from two weirdos singing about sausage rolls to a husband and wife on a mission to support food banks.

LadBaby's story

2/ Make something shareable

So they had a story. Now they needed a song. Each year they record a sausage roll themed parody of a famous song.

• We Built This City… on Sausage Rolls (2018)

• I Love Rock ‘N Roll → I Love Sausage Rolls (2019)

• Don’t Stop Believing → Don’t Stop Me Eatin’ (2020)

Both relatable and ridiculous. And people couldn’t stop sharing.

3/ Bring people on the journey

So Mark and Rox launch their song and then vlog their entire Christmas No.1 attempt on YouTube.

The vlogs aren’t fancy. Just two minutes on an iPhone. But they’re raw. And you can’t help get swept up in their journey.

4/ Galvanize followers

The great thing about bringing people on the journey with you is they’ll help you bring even more people.

Mark’s the king of this. Watch how he motivates his followers to get #LadBaby trending on Twitter. All perfectly timed for their song launch.

PS: Mark’s also known as LadBaby

5/ Know what turns the needle

Here’s where it gets tactical. The way the UK charts are calculated 1 purchase equals 100 streams.

Mainstream artists focus on streams. Mark and Rox focus exclusively on purchases. And every video, vlog, radio appearance are mini “adverts” to purchase their track.

They can’t out-stream Mariah Carey. But their hardcore fans purchasing mean they don’t have to.

LadBaby's 2020 Christmas No.1

So there you go

Mark and Rox’s story isn’t really about Christmas No.1. It’s a lesson for anyone wanting to start anything.

Tell your story. The highs and lows. All in public. People will come on the journey. And you’ll create a connection that big brands can’t replicate.

Don’t believe me? Watch Mark and Rox’s livestream the moment they found out they were No. 1.

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