To the Young Artists of Cyberspace (iNFT)

Alethea AI has teamed up with London-based artist Robert Alice to bring a virtual being to life, and they’re auctioning it at Sotheby’s as the “first intelligent nonfungible token” (iNFT).
A groundbreaking collaboration with Alethea AI, Robert Alice’s To the Young Artists of Cyberspace (2021) presents one of the most technologically advanced NFTs made to date, while introducing the concept of a new token standard, the iNFT.
What is an iNFT?
According to Alethea AI, an iNFT is an intelligent NFT that is embedded with a GPT-3 prompt as part of its immutable smart contract. The iNFT generated is not only perceivably intelligent, but has both interactive and animation capabilities as carefully crafted prompts are stored at the smart contract layer. The hardcoded prompts call upon a state-of-the-art Transformer Language model to facilitate generative possibilities only possible through recent breakthroughs in few-shot and single-shot learning.
Characteristics of iNFTs

Embedded Intelligence: A pre-defined or evolving prompt in GPT-X embedded as part of it’s immutable architecture creating generative possibilities in interactive conversation
Self-Learning: Accrues knowledge and Unlocks new forms of Intelligence available to the owner, creator and eventually, the network
Permissionless: universally usable and censorship resistant
Metaverse Agnostic: open and available to the internet and integrative with multiple platforms
Valuable and fractionable: accrues value which is accessible to the owner and creator and its communities through fractional ownership
Token-based: An Ethereum-based ERC 721 or ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Token (NFT)