Storage Management Software

The storage management software market includes all software products that are sold as value-added options to run on a server, storage network device or storage device to aid in managing the device or managing and protecting the data. Revenue is for new license sales and for maintenance and support services that include new version license sales to update an existing license to a new version, telephone support and on-site remedial support. Revenue does not include professional services. For products to be included in this coverage, they must represent a revenue stream for the company that is separately tracked and not be only part of a bundled product or service. Hosted storage solutions, such as hosted backup or hosted email archiving, are included in this market. Storage management software coverage spans from the desktop to the mainframe and includes products that focus on a single or limited set of devices, as well as those products that support a heterogeneous set of devices. The storage management software market is divided into seven segments. Storage management software is the sum of all the segments and represents all the tools needed to manage capacity, performance and availability of data stored on disks, tapes and optical devices, as well as the networking devices that the data may pass through.

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