Process Templates

“Process templates” is an overarching term that describes prebuilt business process design, execution and management artifacts that accelerate time to solution. They are also known by various names, such as “solution frameworks,” “solution templates,” “solution kits,” “starter kits,” “process accelerators” and “process pods.” Process templates are available from application and middleware vendors ? as well as from consulting and system integration (C&SI) companies, outsourcing firms and cloud service providers.Typically, process templates are graphical and are based on process flows, rules or service-oriented architecture (SOA). The contents vary dramatically by provider. Some offer simple visual process models that are useful in jump-starting discussions about target processes for improvement. Others provide prebuilt detailed process models, technical reference models, candidate service definitions, technical service libraries, rule sets, user interface templates, simulation scenarios, recommended governance policies, delivery and deployment guides, and process improvement methodologies.

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