Content marketing

Content marketing refers to the creation of proprietary content for social media posts, company-hosted blogs, v-blogs, podcasts and webinars, articles, white papers, and any other material that will capture and maintain the attention of consumers, both before and after the sale. Companies use this tactic throughout the customer journey. Social media content introduces customers to the brand, i.e., Brand Awareness. It serves only to get the company’s name and business in front of the decision maker. More in-depth content focuses on the product’s value add and therefore provides Customer Education. Technical content such as whitepapers and case studies are designed for potential customers with a high degree of intent to purchase. Once leads convert to paid subscribers, the onboarding team (typically the professional services or customer success organizations) provides specific content tailored to the customer’s use case and skillset. Often, the customer decision maker will need higher level content for the purchase and the end users need help understanding the how to best use the product for maximum value-add. These activities are typically referred to as Training and Enablement and marks the boundary between marketing and customer success. Finally, as the end users become experts, content still plays a role in furthering their education, thereby increasing engagement and ultimately retention.

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