Click-to-Open Rate

The metric shows how many subscribers who opened your e-mail took action and indicates how effective your e-mail message, design, and content are. Taking action could mean clicking a link, a button, or an image in your e-mail. This way, you can take immediate action if you feel that many of your subscribers opened the e-mail but did not take action. Based on your industry, open rates vary between 20-30%. However, keep in mind to orient yourself on your own benchmarks and use A/B testing to improve your click to open rate.

How to calculate the click to open rate

Calculate the click to open rate by dividing the number of unique opens by the number of unique clicks.

E-mail click to open rate = Total number unique clicks / Number of unique opens

For example, if 400 subscribers opened your e-mail and 100 clicked on the button within the e-mail, your CTOR is 25% (100 / 400 * 100 = 25%).

How to improve the click to open rate

• Make your e-mails mobile friendly
• Use an engaging Call to Action
• Make it personal
• Make e-mails scannable
• Put the most important content first and remove any unnecessary information
• Communicate benefits, not features
• Write engaging copy text & use engaging images
• Use relevant content for your subscribers
• Make it easy to click

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