Subject: Was Pipedrive recommended by a friend?


That’s how we get most of our new customers, by our current users recommending us to their friends. Here’s what they say about us:

“Best program we have used for tracking sales. We have tried many others but this is the first one that the sales guys really like and most importantly… they use it!”

Dan Seto
COO and Founder, CircuitMeter Inc.

“Simple interface, without a lot of clutter. A tool that can actually be used without a mile-high learning curve. More time working, less time wrestling with software.”

John Wahl
Insurance Agent

“In my first 30 days of having [first-name] I have used it more than I used Salesforce which I had had for a year.”

Todd Muffley
CEO & Founder, Fat Atom

See why thousands of sales teams use [first-name] to increase sales productivity

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