Subject: PowerInbox – DynamicMail

Hi [first-name],

Thank you for your enquiry into the [your-business-name].

[your-business-name] is revolutionizing the email industry by bringing
real-time capabilities to static mail programs dramatically boosting

With mobile now representing over 50% of email opens and volume of
sends increasing, it is getting harder to maintain relevance and get your
users to click on your message.

Dynamic Mail is an easy to implement solution that combines real-time
capabilities, dynamic animation, device and geographic targeting with
personalization to ensure higher click through rates.

[your-business-name] works with all existing mail programs and delivers new,
unique, creative and effective programs.

If you would like to learn more about this service and how we can align
to your existing projects please let me know your availability and I
will forward a meeting request.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.



Enterprise Sales Director – EMEA


Telephone: [your-phone-number]