Subject: Need some inspiration? Real workflows from real companies

Copy these workflows from some of our most productive customers. You can tweak them to match your processes.

[your-business-name] Workflows that Save Real Teams, Real Time
Need a bit of automation inspiration? Copy these time-saving workflows from some of our most productive users.

How Soylent Uses [your-business-name] to Automatically Transcribe Phone Calls
When you’re talking to a lawyer who bills at $500 per hour, every word is worth a couple bucks. So the team at Soylent set up a workflow to catalog every conversation and they don’t need to lift a finger.

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How 5 [your-business-name] Power Users Automate their Businesses with Multi-Step Zaps

Multi-Step Zaps open up a lot of automation possibilities. Here are some ideas from our power users to spark your next great Zap.

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Did you know? In your Task History , you can see every Task that your Zaps have automated. It’s great for troubleshooting (and reveling in your time-saving skills).

How Coffee Subscription Company MistoBox Uses [your-business-name] to Manage their Customer Lifecycle
Find out which apps and workflows the small-but-mighty team at MistoBox uses to manage a global coffee pipeline.

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Build a Prototype Without Code: Rely on Apps, Integrations and APIs
From the White House to your backyard, teams across the globe use [your-business-name] lieu of code to test their moonshot ideas in minutes.

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