Subject: “I’ll email you back once I’ve defrosted.”

Most times, when people go on vacation, they travel to a warm, tropical place…

But some of us just aren’t as lucky. Or if we’re traveling during the winter and heading up north — well, we’re going to run into some snow, aren’t we?

While this may not prove so fortunate for us, we can use the poor weather for comedic relief. You can even include a screenshot of the weather forecast for a sense of realism. Not only will it give senders a chuckle, but it’ll also generate a certain amount of empathy — which is often the key to good content.


Thanks for your message! I’m currently buried in snow and will get back to you once I’ve defrosted on January 2nd.

And if you think I’m lying…

Weather forecast for out-of-office message

Gotta go, my fingers are frostbitten. If you really need me, either get a shovel and dig me out of here or reach out to my colleague Anna — who’s not frozen under snow with frostbitten fingers — at [email protected]