Hey {First name}, saw your name in leadshark and wanted to reachout. You ever hear about this? It’s a database of millions of b2b contacts that you can use for…

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Hi {First name}, I’ve booked sales calls with most of the Fortune 500. My secret weapon? Leadshark. Recently Mezzolab booked 96 calls off of 5982 leads using our data and…

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Hey {First Name}, I just tried calling you. Wanted to upgrade your email outreach efforts. Would love to showcase a demo over a video call. Do you have 10 minutes…

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Quick question

Hey {First Name}, Every salesperson knows how frustrating & time-consuming it is to look for new prospects every day. Our tool takes care of that for you, helping you save…

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My son

Hey {First Name}, my son won’t stop talking about {company name}. All day long it’s just {company name}, {company name}, {company name}. He won’t stop.. So I looked you up…

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Lead generation question

Hey {First Name}, I’m reaching out to a couple sales leaders that I look up to (so I hope you don’t mind the cold approach haha) Wanted to ask a…

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Ever heard of this? It’s a database of leads for B2B with a 0% bounce rate guarantee. Thought it could help with your lead generation issues. -Alex

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Hey {First Name}, saw your name pop up on leadshark and thought you’d like this. I know you do a ton of sales for {{company}} so we both know getting…

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{company} <> Leadshark

Hi {First Name}, I’m reaching out to you because I noticed on your Leadshark profile that you are working at {{company.name}}. Given your role as a Sales Director, my assumption…

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